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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Cookies...

Finally! I'm all done my cookie baking and just in time for christmas....here are the pics

my christmas cutters...i cant decide which is my favourite

pecans, white chocolate and cranberries....makes a festive cookie alla Nigella Lawson  

ready to scoop

ready for the oven

Isn't this spatula too cute?! It's at Williams-Sonoma! 


I found this little canister of crystallized ginger at Williams-Sonoma..can you guess what my favourite store is yet? haha? anyways, it comes with a recipe on the side and thought i would make a batch and add them to the list....so glad i did!!! they are soooooo yum!

chewy ginger snaps need to be rolled in a ball and then rolled in sugar before baking

these cookies make your whole house smell so christmasy and warm

thumbprint cookies....adding the jam just when they come out of the oven

shortbread- just butter, brown sugar and flour


Merry christmas everyone! and happy baking :) xo
if you are interested in any of these recipes please leave a comment below and I will be happy to post any you request! 

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