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Friday, January 14, 2011

"Flowers are love's truest language"

Who doesn't like receiving flowers? Especially if they are on a cake!   I love the look of fresh flowers on a baked goods but you have to be sure that they are organic or not sprayed with any harmful chemicals.

 Or you can make them yourself with gum paste and fondant :).

I realize that not everyone has the time or patience to make gumpaste flowers but they truly are sooo easy to make if you have the right tools to practice.  The project can become a little time consuming, but once they dry they last forever.  When I know I've got some time I make a bunch of different kinds of flowers.  Once they are completely dry and stored carefully decorating becomes so much faster when I got some ready to go.
  Just place them in a box or tin with tissue paper and they are ready whenever you need them.  I like to stock up on them so that way when its time to decorate a cake I dont have to worry about getting flowers done..they are already made and I can just place them on the cake.  

Here are some of the tools and cutters I use to make flowers I love.

Flower cutters, flower veiners, roll'n'cut mat, small rolling pin, small off set tapered spatula, artist palette, paint brush and gum glue.  All of these items can be purchased at specialty cake stores. I find bulk barn, Golda's Kitchen to have a great selection.

leave to dry at least 24hrs

Here I have gumpaste tool kit, rose petal cutters and flower foam.  

Pink fondant and gumpaste paste. 

Its not the nicest rose but I'm still practicing. Larger ones are a little more challenging
Now go and make some!

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