"if you wish to be glamorous, become a cake baker" -The Joy of Cooking

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby shower cake

I haven't had much time for baking lately, as you can tell by the lack of updates on my blog :(  which makes me sad :(  With two jobs now its hard to fit in some good quality time with my kitchen aid and some butter.  however, I was asked to do this cake by a very special friend and I think it's a winner :)

The B-A-B-Y blocks, rattles and tiny bottles were plastic cake decor items that I purchased at McCalls Cake Decorating Supplies  in Etobicoke. It is probably one of my favourite stores for decorating supplies. I highly recommend them  

The teddy bear, bow and polka dots are made from fondant.  I also covered the cake board in fondant as well to give it a nice uniform look

I used a basic vanilla cake recipe and also made vanilla buttercream for filling and icing on top

the maddness of my kitchen

two mixers mean serious baking

by the time i was finished everything i was beat...and so was little oliver :)
aww so sweet


  1. hi, already added you in fb, the "BABY" boxes looks cute - Frances

  2. this cake is so professional looking. maybe one job should be as a cake baker!