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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall = Apple pie...always

To state that my father has a green thumb would be the understatment of the century.  He has managed to grow a garden, full of tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, peppers, chilies, parsley, basil, the kitchen sink.. every single year since I can remember.  Along with growing vegetables my dad has a slight obsession with fruit trees. 

At one time we had a cherry, pear, peach, prune and of course 3 apple trees! They were beautiful, expertly pruned by him and produced the best fruit I've ever had.  Sadly, over the years, many of these beautiful trees had their day in the sun, but the mighty apple still remains.  

Every fall means bushels of apples which we use to make apple sauce, apple crisp and of course apple pie.  I used the recipe from Williams-Sonoma's, The Essentials of Baking cookbook.  If you love baking then you need this book in your life.

I made the double crust recipe for the dough. Click here for the recipe on their website.

You know you're baking something great when this much butter is involved 

Mixing the dry ingredients together before cutting in the butter
I decided to make the dough by hand. This pastry cutter is great, also from Williams-Sonoma
Visible chunks of butter means you've done it right
 For the crust you add very cold, unsalted butter to the dry ingredients and cut the butter into the flour. You can use a pastry cutter like I did here and do it by hand or throw it in the food processor and pulse it, not too finely, you want to see chunks of butter.  Then add in ice water until the mix just comes together to form a ball of dough.  Then cut the ball of dough in half and form into two dics. 

This apple slicer makes getting the job done so much quicker
I picked up this pie crust cutter from Home Outfitters. IN LOVE!

I will never make another apple pie without these two gadgets again.  The apple slicer is from, of course where else? Williams-Sonoma!  It cores and cuts the apples.  You can choose how thick or thin you want your apple slices from two different settings. I have pictured here the thinest setting.

I brushed the top of the pie with a little milk and sprinkled on sugar before putting into the oven to bake.

The pie was excellent and nothing makes your kitchen smell more welcoming and cosy :)

Happy Fall!

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  1. I have used the apple slicing disk and the stick-making one (I am sure it has a better name than that), and they are totally awesome. The blades are sharp and easy to exchange, and this bad boy definitely slices like a ninja! I run the blades and holder in the dishwasher to clean, so I don't have to worry about cutting myself. I also just love the packaging amazon.com !!