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Monday, April 9, 2012

Pizza Party!!

Recently we had a pizza party at my house in order to try out our brand new Emile Henry Pizza stone I bought from Williams Sonoma.  Making Pizza this way is definitely a little more messy and a little tricky since you need to also buy a pizza peel and shimmy the pizza from the peel onto the stone that is screaming hot in the oven. However, it is really fun and the results are amazing, especially if you're like me and enjoy your pizza on the thin and crispy side.

Here is the stone pre heating.  You set your oven to 500 and place the stone in the oven as it is coming up to temperature.  The stone is supposed to cook your pizza as if it were in a brick oven.

Zucchini and red pepper pizza.  Make sure you sprinkle your pizza peel with corn meal so it wont stick.  Be prepared to get corn meal ALL OVER your kitchen! Trust me the mess is worth it!

Pizza Margherita.  My fave :)

Here they are just out of the oven, I topped the zucchini  pizza with arugula 

Pizza for dessert?  OHH yaa! Nutella Pizza anyone?

I cooked some pizza dough until nice and crispy brown

Then I slathered the hot crust with Nutella

Oh Nutella, how do I love thee Nutella!!

I really love this pizza stone and I think that I can never make pizza again without it.


  1. Your Nutella pizza looks so tempting! I’m not into sweets but I want to have a taste of your Nutella pizza. Hmm. If I’ll make my own version of a sweet pizza, I’ll make a star shaped blueberry pizza! I’m so excited to make one!

  2. Who can resist Nutella!! even if you don't have a sweet tooth, especially when spread on hot bread or pizza crust like I did here.
    Your blueberry idea sounds delish!!