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Friday, November 23, 2012

Fondant Decorations

Here are some christmas fondant decorations I made today.  I kneaded in some gum paste so that they will dry a little harder than if I just used fondant.
These will be used for some christmas cupcakes i'm planning to make soon.  I think they will look really cute and festive.
All of the mini cutters I used here are from BulkBarn.  The Wilton Food Writer I found at Home Outfitters.

So cute :)

I really love how the gingerbread men look.  I used sugar pearls for the buttons and brushed on a little lustre dust to give them some sparkle

For the snowman I used a Wilton Food Writer to colour the hat black and dot on some coal buttons.

Now I'll let them dry until hard and pack them away to use later.

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