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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Can you guess what I baked today? :)

 Last christmas Marian from the fabulous site www.sweetopia.net made the most beautiful, whimsical, lovely gingerbread houses I had ever seen.  I just admired them and loved them but didn't actually get the courage to make one.  I just thought it would be too hard.

This year, as I was sitting in class, I couldn't keep my mind on anything else but baking one of those gingerbread houses.   This was gonna be the year and it had to be totally from scratch.  I just became obsessed and so I had to do it.  I went and bought all the ingredients and spent a small fortune on candy to decorate.  I baked and decorated all day.  I am so happy that I did.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and if you visit Marian's site, she has incredible tutorials and videos and recipes all about making them.  I also got the template from her site as well.  Thanks Marian!! You are such a baking queen!  Here are the results of today's labour (yes it took me all day).

Here is the template for the house that I printed from sweetopia.net

I made one batch of Wilton's recipe for grandma's gingerbread.  This made enough dough for two houses.  If you want this recipe go to wilton.com 

Ready for the oven

Letting my house pieces cool.  

Finally time for the best part: decorating!  I really love the little sugar christmas lights

Buying the candy was so fun...however in all my excitement and enthusiasm for the job I spent a small fortune on sugary house materials :S

Mixing up the royal icing.  Recipe also found on sweetopia.net

Walls UP! it was recommended to let the house at this stage dry overnight (about 12hrs) but I was too impatient and went ahead with putting on the roof, chimney and decorations.  However, next time I think I would wait and let the house dry before moving on to the next step

I hope that you find time to make one and if you don't already know what sweetopia.net is you must visit her site.  It sugar/baking/decorating bliss.


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