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Friday, September 4, 2015

Cakes in Bloom

When starting out a few years ago learning how to decorate cakes, my absolute favourite thing was learning how to make flowers.  I first started to learn how to pipe flowers using royal icing.  I made countless pansies, daffodils, roses, sweet peas.  It made my heart sing!! The more flowers I could pile on a cake, the happier my soul.

After playing around and practicing with royal icing and piping I was very interested and eager for the next step: the world of gum paste flowers.  The first flower I learned to make was a pansy and simple 5 petal flowers of varies sizes.   Then I graduated onto a small rose, then onto daisies and hydrangeas.  I love how realistic they can be and what they add to a cake is like nothing else.

Recently, I saw that Peggy Porschen came out with a new book, Cakes in Bloom and I HAD to have it!!  I own most of Porschen's baking/decorating books. For me, she is the queen of cake.  If you love to decorate cakes and haven't heard of her before or seen what she does, please check out her site www.peggyporschen.com.  She is amazing! I love her style, so inspirational.  Based in London, she was very successful early on and has done many cakes for celebrities.  I have taken so many ideas from her and dream about opening the same pink Parlour that Peggy has in London.  She also has a Cake Academy, hopefully i'll make it there one day.

Here are some of her exquisite flowers:  

This English Garden Rose is spectacular!

Peonies...*sigh*....so beautiful

This Dahlia is so elegant 

The book is over 200 pages of step by step instruction on the art of sugar flowers and also has a section on baking and icing basics

This book is definitely not for beginners but I do think that it can spark the desire to learn and experienced cake decorators to expand their repertoire of what they can create. Thanks Peggy for another great one! Another book from you to treasure.

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