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Friday, September 25, 2015

Italian Meringue ButterDREAM!

Today I baked a special cake.  My fiance's grandmother is 90!! WOO! Happy Birthday Grandma!
I made a chocolate cake that I posted about before on this blog ( click  HERE the recipe )

This cake is my favourite as far as chocolate cakes go.  It has Lindt 70% chocolate, hot coffee and buttermilk in the batter that bakes up super moist and rich.

To ice this lovely cake, I decided to make the ultimate in frostings: Italian meringue buttercream. It is so dreamy, creamy smooth and delicious!

  I used this recipe HERE for the buttercream.  I was inspired by the super talented cake master Yolanda Gampp.  Usually I make a traditional American style buttercream with icing sugar and butter but after watching her channel I thought I'd step it up for this special cake.  If you haven't checked out her YouTube channel before and love to cake, you will LOVE her work.  She posts a new video every Tuesday.

Bowl of goodness

crumb coated

I cut out a 6in circle out of fondant that I tinted ivory to write the birthday message

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