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Friday, May 6, 2016

Easy Sticky Toffee Pudding

 A while back now on this blog I posted about a sticky toffee pudding mold that I had found one christmas season at Williams-Sonoma. ( Click here for that post)

It is one of my favourite desserts to make, although I wouldn't say that recipe is very hard, it is a little time consuming and you must make the toffee sauce that goes with it in order to get the full effect and unfortunately you also must have a special pudding mold and a food processor to make it.

So if you want to whip one up quickly, with no special equipment,  I LOVE this version from Nigella Bites.  It's one of those cakes where you pour boiling water over the batter and when you think the sloppy mess won't turn out into anything it creates a yummy moist cake layer on top with a yummy thick, fudgy, toffee sauce on the bottom.

Click here for the recipe.

 spread the batter on the bottom of baking dish

Evenly sprinkle the dark brown sugar over the batter and add the bits of butter on top of that

Boil water 

And pour over the top of everything - the hot water mixed with the butter & Sugar create the sauce on the bottom of the cake

Magically this sloppy mess turns into this:


So good and so easy to make

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