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Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Cookies: Brown Butter Brown Sugar Cookies ......soooooo good!!!

I think the title says all you need to know about this A-Maz-ING cookie.  They are soooooo good! Please make them!! You will be happy you did.  I got the recipe from one of my favourite food bloggers / author / pastry chef Gesine Bullock Prado

Click here for a direct link to the recipe and her awesome blog gbakes.com 

I was very intrigued by this recipe because it calls for brown butter which adds another depth of deliciousness to the cookie 

Once the butter starts to brown and smells delicious and nutty pour the hot brown butter into a bowl and let it cool down and chill until firm

Heres my brown butter chilled and ready to go

mixing up the dough

Ready to roll.  I LOVE this tree cutter!

Let the cookies cool completely before icing.  As you can see here my brown sugar was a little lumpy thats why it looks like there are tiny chocolate chips in them


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