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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Homemade Dole Whip - A Classic Disney Treat

One of the most recommended treats to try while at Disneyland was their famous Dole Whip.  It sort of has a cult following among Disney goers and I finally joined the band wagon.   If you're not familiar with this yummy treat it's Pineapple soft serve that you can get just swirled in a cup or as a float like this:

The Dole Whip float is pineapple soft serve with pineapple juice.  It was created by The Dole Food Company in the 70's.  While it's not exclusive to Disney, Dole credits it's popularity to them.

My husband liked it fine but wasn't that impressed, I on the other hand LOVED it! Pineapple is my favourite fruit and the juice with the soft serve together was sooooo nice and refreshing after walking around Disneyland for hours.  In my opinion it was the perfect snack break to recharge and keep me going for many more hours walking around the parks.

So until yesterday, I thought I would never be able to have another Dole Whip until my next visit to Disney 😢 You can imagine my surprise while perusing Snapchat, of all things,  a recipe for home made Dole Whip on the Tastemade feed popped up!! If you don't have Snapchat you can also download the Tastemade app.  It's super fun, has tons of short cooking/baking videos and tons of recipes like this magical treat:

IT TASTES JUST THE SAME!!!! it made me so happy and it's soooooooooooooo EASY!
 I don't have a blender so I just dumped all the ingredients into a food processor and whizzed everything up until smooth.  I did have to stop it a few times to scrape down the middle and sides to ensure that everything would get whipped up nicely.  I just scooped it out into bowls but you could put it in the piping bag if you want to go that extra mile and make it look like a swirl.  It was so creamy and smooth and delicious !
Be sure that once you make it you're able to serve it right away.  It does freeze up very hard once you put it in the freezer.
I topped mine with a piece of pineapple and a maraschino cherry or 3😊

Make it! and share the joy!

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